NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Jason Warrior, We McDonald, Sundance Head make live shows

VoiceTonight, the battle rounds began on “The Voice,” and they wasted almost no time at all proving themselves to be an eventful affair. We already know eight singers who are now moving on to the live shows, and to go along with that, a set of steals at the same time.

Take a look below at some quick-takes from everyone who advanced.

Sundance Head (Team Blake) – This one was largely a no-brainer. He’s got a build-in following, a great voice, and he’s right up Blake’s alley.

Jason Warrior (Team Adam, but stolen by Blake) – To be honest, we would have chosen him after this performance. Jason’s one of those stolen contestants we could actually see winning the show at the end. It’s rare, but the guy’s got the goods.

Riley Elmore (Team Adam) – To be fair, we would have wanted someone else to steal Riley if Jason won his battle against him. This is a good testament to precisely how close of a showdown this really was.

We McDonald (Team Alicia) – She could win this whole competition and be one of the next great soul singers, and we say that without any hyperbole at all. She really is that strong.

Kylie Rothfield (Team Alicia) – She’s really got a beastly team this year, and Kylie’s presence is that of a darkhorse as we move further into the season. She’s got the talent to surprise some people, but she needs even more of an active following.

Ali Caldwell (Team Miley) – She’s one of our favorites from Team Miley, and was able to topple someone in Lauren Diaz here who was viewed as a favorite by some parts of the internet going into this.

Simone Gundy (Team Adam) – A worthy addition, though we’re slightly fearful that they may end up being lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Josh Gallagher (Team Blake, stolen by Adam) – No issue here. We like Josh, even if he’s not necessarily the most innovative performance in the world.

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