‘DWTS’ delights with eras night; ‘Gilmore Girls’ fan fest, ‘The Voice’ tips good for singing in the shower

Dancing With The StarsIt is shaping up to be a great week. Monday always offers a few hiccups as folks get back into the groove of the work week, but with Halloween a week away, it’s a great time to have a scary good time. Of course, as fans know, the programs on tonight offer some fun too. It’s a great night to watch dancing and singing too!

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Era night offers a look at the past

On Monday night the couples will return to the dance floor of “Dancing With the Stars” and offer up an era dance. This routine idea will have the fans delighted and surprised as music from the 1920s to the 1990s will be part of the routines. Perhaps the extraordinary part of the night will be the couples coming together for two team dances which is a fan favorite. When dancing with partners, mistakes can be compensated for, but with a team there is no room for error. The scores from this event will be combined to determine this week’s standings. Unfortunately, and it’s heartbreaking, but someone might go home this week.


‘The Voice’ offers fans singing in the shower tips

“The Voice” offers competitors the chance to develop their skills on the show. From pushing themselves for a higher note to breathing techniques, it’s been very interesting. I’ve decided to use these tricks at home after getting hooked on the show. How? Well, every time Miley, Blake, Alisha or Adam suggest an idea to a contestant to better their voice, I test it out in the shower to see the results for my singing. Does it work? Of course! I hit a note last week that had the neighbor beating so hard on our adjoining wall, I thought he was looking for an encore! “The Voice” returns to NBC on Monday night for more singing (and hopefully some more tips fans can use in the shower too!)


‘Gilmore Girls’ has a fan fest? Weekend honoring  TV show

Anyone miss the “Gilmore Girls” so much they want to get together for two days and talk about the show? Over the weekend the super fans threw a super party sharing details about the show. Hosted by fans, this weekend full of activities had fans as well as cast members, sharing special moments. We always hear about “Star Trek” or comic book fans who are dedicated to a show, but is a “Gilmore Girls” conference popular? Absolutely! 1,500 people attended the event!

And Finally…. Trendy Halloween costumes include Supergirl

Halloween, the scariest night of the year is only seven days away and fans are trying to figure out what they want to be. If you love TV and entertainment as much as I do, you might be considering a costume that reflects the best characters. Supergirl, Harley Quinn and Batman are some of the 2016 popular costumes. You might be surprised to learn that many fans of TV characters are dressing up as Marge and Homer Simpson, Ray Donovon’s dad (played by Jon Voight), Jane (as in “Jane the Virgin”) and even Tom Bergeron (from “Dancing With the Stars”.) It’s interesting to see how people we see on TV are impacting our lives and these popular costumes aren’t as scary as some might think.

This column was written by Jodi Jill. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: Dancing with the Stars official Twitter).

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