‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 7 preview: Jim Gordon’s mind trip

Jim -

Gotham” is a show that can do a wide array of different things, and with that in mind, be prepared to see it go through something that is very much the equivalent of a dream haze on its next all-new episode.

Want some further information? Here’s what we can offer you: This installment is entitled “Mad City: Red Queen,” and probably the most important thing to note here from the get-go is that Jim Gordon is still alive following the tense standoff that he has with the Mad Hatter. Yet, at the same time he’s absolutely going to be feeling some aftereffects and is left in a particularly vulnerable state moving forward.

Synopsis¬†– “After coming in contact with a substance by the hand of Mad Hatter, Jim Gordon gets led on a psychedelic trip and must confront his past, present and future. Meanwhile, Penguin struggles with Nygma’s new relationship.”

For Penguin / Nygma fans, seeing him be pushed in a different direction could prove challenging. One of the reasons why Oswald was so keen on making him almost immediately his new Chief of Staff was a function of him offering up something that he did not have beforehand: Companionship. He offered him the first person he could really talk to and relate to on some level since the death of his mother. How this ends up impacting the show in the long-term remains to be seen, but this is absolutely one of the things that we’re most interested in seeing with this show as we continue to move forward towards the midway point of the season.

Ultimately, so long as we continue to see the Mad Hatter on this season, we have a feeling we’re going to be happy.

If you do want to see some other news right now when it comes to “Gotham,” be sure to head over to the link here right now! (Photo: Fox.)

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