‘Shiptober: Should ‘The Flash’ season 3 give Cisco Ramon proper love interest?

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Mrs. Carter: On “The Flash,” it seems that so many characters get reasonably lucky in love.

Unfortunately, one of those people is not Cisco Ramon. While Barry Allen has had four separate love interests in Linda Park, Patty Spivot, Felicity Smoak, and Iris West since the character was first introduced on “Arrow,” the closest thing he’s had to one was a brief crush on Kendra Saunders following her first appearance. Maybe you can count Lisa Snart, but that was more one-sided flirting than an actual relationship. We know that he’s the source of comic relief for the show much of the time, and that probably has a great deal to do with why they haven’t spent a lot of time pondering over his romantic future … that and it’s probably hard to think of how he’d have time to date someone who doesn’t work at STAR Labs. You can make the same argument for Caitlin Snow and Harrison Wells, whenever he pops over from Earth-2.

Now that we’ve said all of this, should the show consider giving Cisco more of a love life? In this new chapter in our ‘Shiptober series, we do think that it’s definitely at least worth a look.

The case for a love interest – The biggest reason for it is that it could be fun, and it could give him greater stakes for his life. It doesn’t sound like he’s amazingly close to his family, though that may not be the case now given that Dante is dead in this post-Flashpoint world. This could be a source of joy for him.

Could you find a new love interest out there in the world for him? It’d be fun, but we imagine that it’d hit many similar notes to many past relationships Barry’s been in given that he’d have to keep a big part of his life a secret. That’s why we’d be interested in the show at least exploring if there was something that could be there between Cisco and Caitlin. We wouldn’t want to rush it by any means, but both have lost people they care about, they have a great friendship, and they already love each other in a certain way. This would just be about potentially realizing there is something more there. Maybe it’s not perfect because you don’t want to make it seem like characters have to fall in love because they work together, but it’s worth thinking about as an idea. Personally, we’d be for it.

The case against it – Is there ever really going to be time for a Cisco romance plot? You’ve got a fairly large cast already, and there are always going to be more and more people added. Part of the problem right now may just be finding the right person. Caitlin’s really the only available option unless you bring a past recurring character back into the fold, or try to establish some sort of crossover storyline with one of the other shows.

Ultimately, maybe you just love Cisco so much in his current storyline that you don’t see much of a need to try and change things up.

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