‘Shiptober: Will ‘Blue Bloods’ season 7 finally put Jamie, Eddie together?

Blue Bloods season 7If there is one show on TV that really prides itself as being steady as a rock, it’s probably this one. “Blue Bloods” is not really a series that embraces much in the way of change. You don’t see very often job changes, or even new characters who stick around for a lengthy period of time. It prides itself on being one of the purest procedurals on TV, and we imagine that’s why it works so well in syndication. If you watch a story from season 4 and then watch one from two years later, odds are you won’t be too confused over what you missed in between.

In many ways, having this sort of continuity is great for a show of this nature, but given that we are talking about one here that has to start thinking about the endgame (even if it seasons away), maybe it’s time to consider a change. Pairing Vanessa Ray’s character (pictured) with Will Estes’ is a move that many fans have been clamoring for, and we’ve got a feeling most would be very much happy to see it. Why not give most fans what they want?

The case for the romance – For one, it gives Estes and Ray something new to play, and there are so many good stories that could come out of the two characters being romantically entangled. For one, you have to consider the idea that they will be switched partners because of their hearts getting in the way out in the field; or, they could have personal conflicts cross over to the field. To us, these are all interesting possibilities, and it would benefit the show a lot to be able to play around with these things for a little while.

The case against it – Maybe you just don’t want any romance on this show, and like things firmly the way that they are. There’s certainly nothing wrong with the show at present, and maybe you want it to stay that way. Or, maybe you want the two of them to find romantic partners in the future who, like with Danny, are not police officers. That may not have the same sort of investment for fans, but it would probably make things far less complicated.

(Photo: CBS.)

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