‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 6 video: Things get spooky right before Halloween

NCIS -If you are looking for “NCIS” to embrace its creepy side sooner rather than later, you’re in luck: Tuesday night’s new episode will mark an opportunity to be a showcase for that very thing! While we cannot say for certain that the entirety of it is going to be Halloween-themed, the promo below definitely does make it clear that there are some scary moments coming up.

The promo below for “Shell Game” certainly does its part to make you feel that we could be seeing a story coming up here about Alex Quinn finding herself in some degree of danger, and we’re not necessarily willing to say that this is going to be the case just yet. It’s dangerous to paint the show with that specific of a brush, but hey, they gotta do what they can in order to encourage people to watch!

To us personally, we’re not that worried about Quinn’s fate. For them to bring her on and kill her off after just a few episodes would be terrible, especially when you think for a minute or two here about how much we just got to know her.

The case in this episode is going to revolve around a once-kidnapped petty officer who apparently has a connection to her missing husband; what that said connection is could be a thing that does strongly influence the remainder of the story, and we’re very much excited to see all of that pan out.

On a lighter note, Abby’s going to be in the giving mood during the episode! She’ll be handing out some gifts to some of the team members as a way to try to make them all feel as comfortable as humanly possible.

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