‘Madam Secretary’ season 3, episode 3 preview: Elizabeth, Dalton debate over China

MadamAfter spending much of this past episode dealing with a crisis in Algeria, it appears on Sunday night’s new episode of “Madam Secretary” Asia will be more of a priority. Specifically, we’re going to be looking at Vietnam as a place to help settle a trade crisis with China after the capture of some environmental activists who were protesting reef damage in the South China Sea.

In the sneak peek below, Elizabeth plot over what she and President Dalton should do after the arrest in order to move things along further with the Chinese foreign minister. The country claims that these activists may be spies, which is something they firmly rebuke. As of right now, looking to give something further to Vietnam may be a strategy to establish leverage; it shows that Dalton, even while running a Presidential campaign as an independent, is not afraid to go out there and get his hands dirty. It rebukes some of that criticism that his coming from his opposition in particular in regards to him being not tough enough in order to get the job done when it comes to defense.

One thing that Dalton apparently is not as interested in doing is specifically using his military history in Vietnam as a way to get more attention for himself in the election, and we get that. It likely feels exploitative to him, and he certainly did not choose to serve the country solely for the purpose of being able to go back and brag about everything that he did there after the fact.

With that being said, we wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest of being back in Vietnam does still strike a chord with Dalton, and he has many memories rush to the surface regarding everything that he went through while in the country.

For some other news when it comes to “Madam Secretary,” head over here to see another preview! (Photo: CBS.)


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