‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The week 4 Have-Nots are…

Over the Top -

If the players on “Big Brother: Over the Top” were smart, they’d start to execute a strategy where being on slop could be useful to them. As a matter of fact, at this point we’d probably going into a live Diary Room and say this several times over. If you’re a Have-Not, the perception will be that you’re not popular with America. That’s something that many good players in the gameĀ can use to their advantage to make it to the end.

In a way, we wonder if that’s what some voters were thinking in naming Jason a Have-Not this week to go along with Scott and Neeley. If we were a player in the house, though, we’re not sure what we would think other than that clearly the Ballsmashers contingent right now is popular since none of them are going to be chilling in that room. Maybe Scott, though, can use this to claim that he’s not as big of a threat as someone like a Morgan, a Shelby, or a Whitney. Remember that Alex is already safe.

Later today, we’ll have a Safety Ceremony that doesn’t really mean much of anything. Heck, even the second Safety Ceremony Sunday won’t mean much since this all comes down to who America nominates and who wins the Veto. That’s why the weekends on the feeds are pretty much a ghost town this season. It’s a stark contrast to the “Big Brother US” feeds, where nominations are on Friday typically and the Veto Competition happens the following day.

For now, the big thing to know is that Scott needs to either win the Veto, or have Neeley up there on the block against him come Wednesday night. Otherwise, he’s probably a goner.

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