‘Shameless’ season 7, episode 4 video: William H. Macy on Frank’s new ‘family’

Shameless -

Going into this season of “Shameless,” we were admittedly feeling somewhat worried about it. Season 6 was polarizing, and there is a tendency at times for seasons that are rushed to be somewhat inferior to the one that came before. This season is airing only eight or so months after season 6, and that was a cause for some concern.

Luckily, it’s proving so far to be one of the happier surprises of the fall. Fiona’s got a different story than usual, Lip’s dealing with some serious issues in an engaging way, and Frank continues to be the perfect sort of crazy. We find his attempt to come up with a replacement family for his own to be in one way incredibly ludicrous, but in another completely appropriate to this character. This is just the sort of idiocy that we would expect from him. Despite being the family patriarch, he lacks the maturity necessary in order to understand that he cannot expect his family to come back to him without some sort of genuine remorse on his past.

In the preview below, you get a pretty good sense from William H. Macy as to the motives behind Frank’s decision here, and some of the parts of this that he finds to be particularly funny. For example, we’re right there with him when he is describing the utter craziness that comes from his new Fiona looking absolutely nothing like the old Fiona, and them him trying to justify it later by suggesting that they are in some way similar when they’re clearly not. It’s basically vintage Frank and then some.

We cannot say for sure how long this story will last, but we plan on enjoying it every step of the way.

For some other news right now when it comes to “Shameless” (especially in terms of a fan favorite character’s return), be sure to head over to this link! (Photo: Showtime.)

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