‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ comes up with ‘Bad Hombres,’ other Trump TV ‘programs’

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It’s no secret at the moment that Donald Trump is basically comedy catnip to every late-night host out there, and we do understand why. Just think about it for a minute: If you are a host in late-night, it only makes sense that you are going to want to do just about everything you can to destroy someone who is giving you countless material.

For last night’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” we specifically saw some of the recent stories regarding “Trump TV” serve as perfect fodder for Stephen to come up with some potential programs, including a “Breaking Bad” parody specifically entitled “Bad Hombres.” There are a couple of funny things in there, even though it’s still not entirely clear whether or not Trump TV is a thing that is actually going to happen. For now, all we’ll say is that we certainly would not be surprised to see something come out of this in the event Trump loses the election. He’s clearly now got a group of supporters who would probably watch, and it’s a way for him to counteract all of the media that he has lambasted as being “biased,” “rigged,” or whatnot over the years.

In getting back to the show at hand, Colbert’s probably the late-night host who has been able to best take advantage of all of the election coverage in interesting ways, though that really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given where he comes from here. This is someone who really killed at this over on “The Colbert Report,” and he is gearing up now to do a live election special for Showtime on November 8.

For more Trump-related shenanigans, be sure to check out “SNL” tonight.

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