‘Poldark’ season 2, episode 8 teasers: What lies ahead for Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, cast

PoldarkThere is a new episode of “Poldark” coming to the BBC later tonight, and we are here of course to provide some answers to the simple question of precisely what you can expect to see. There’s going to be some drama present throughout the hour, and it certainly looks as though the Ross – Demelza – Elizabeth drama is going to take center stage by the time you make it to the end of the hour.

In preparation for what you are going to be seeing tonight, we’ve got for you below a list of handy teasers on just what you can expect to see!

1. Dwight is going to reveal the sad state of affairs between him and Caroline, and to get away from his heartache, we may see him strongly contemplate making a decision to join the Navy.

2. Ross will make a revelation of his own to Demelza: He gave shares in Wheal Leisure to Elizabeth, and Wheal Grace is now in serious jeopardy.

3. A crisis at Elizabeth’s home is going to have her calling up George, which in turn could cause some problems for Ross. He’s not going to be thrilled to learn about a specific offer that he’s made to her, and as a result of that, he could take matters into his own hands.

4. A mine collapse will bring further professional woes Ross’ way — personally, anytime something bad happens at a mine, we think of poor Francis at this point.

If you watch this show for great performances, odds are you won’t be disappointed with what Heida Reed, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Aidan Turner bring to the table here. Unfortunately, those of you hoping for the characters to find some happiness may be just a tad bit disappointed.

To see a video preview going into tonight’s all-new “Poldark” episode, head over to this link. (Photo: BBC.)

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