‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 5 sneak peeks: The aftermath for Walter, Happy, and Toby

SCORPIONOn this past new episode of “Scorpion,” we saw what had to be a rather big surprise for some out there: Happy and Walter are … married! We knew that she had a secret husband and had kept the secret from Toby and everyone else, but what we didn’t quite expect to learn was that Walter was the groom, and had been keeping this secret just as long.

Is Toby thrilled about this going into Monday night’s new episode entitled “Plight at the Museum”? Not in the slightest, given that we imagine it cannot feel particularly great to feel like two of your good friends have been keeping a secret of this magnitude from you. Yet, at the same time we don’t necessarily think that Toby is as angry about it as you probably would expect all things considered. He understands that the reasoning behind it is to ensure that Walter gets his citizenship, and he doesn’t want to do anything to get in the way of that since they are so close.

The problem here is that he has his own priority now due to Happy’s pregnancy, and he’s gotta figure out a way so that everyone can get what they want, while also having the opportunity to move forward in life. That’s a lot of different things to tackle all at once, and to compound things further, there’s going to be another issue that some of these characters will have to deal with: A new mission that brings them to the Museum of Natural History.

The sneak peeks below do a good job of setting up not only what is going on in this not-a-love-triangle-but-something-like-it, but also what sort of mission the team will be confronted with. It’ll start off simple in theory, but somehow get incredibly complicated from there.

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