‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: Praise to the Chris Hammons – Zeke Smith alliance!

Zeke -

Now that we’ve got some new tribe configurations here on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X,” we’re back once more to ranking the castaways by tribe! We’re starting today with Vanua, which means that this is going to be a pretty darn short article. There’s not really a whole lot of insight that you can add when there are only four people on the tribe.

Now that we’ve gotten that comment out there, we do absolutely think that there is one person clearly out in front, and it is due to their own social skill and ability to find connections. What we like about tribe swaps is that it can separate the good, flexible players from some of the ones who are stubborn and rather set in their ways. We’re ranking (as always) based on a criteria that includes strategy, edit, and social game above all else.

4. Michelle Schubert – This is something that we explained in our Winners and Losers article recently: Michelle is mostly in danger here just because of the sole fact that she is on a tribe with Zeke and Chris, who suddenly have a tight relationship, and a guy in David who has an immunity idol. If they go to tribal council again we firmly expect David to play it out of fear, which further cements her fate. It’s a bummer, because we think she is genuinely a very-good player.

3. David Wright – If he doesn’t play his idol, he could be in danger. If for some crazy reason they keep these swapped tribes for more than one more tribal, he could really be in danger. David’s already got a reputation as a schemer, and he’s not a physical asset.

2. Chris Hammons – This alliance with Zeke is great. It gives Chris inroads with the Millennials, and if he makes it to the merge with Adam also still in the game, they’re suddenly a three-person block. Add Bret to that, and you’ve got four. If they want to include Sunday, then there’s five. Obviously this is complicated by Adam having close bonds now with Ken and Jessica, if he goes with them over Figgy and Taylor.

1. Zeke Smith – Pairing up with Chris is wonderful for Zeke. It allows him to potentially access people like Bret and Sunday later, and it also gives him a fantastic human shield. He was likely the next person out on the Millennial tribe before the merge, and now all of a sudden he’s in the best spot to make it far out of this little group.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to spotlight Takali! Be sure to check back to this link in the afternoon. (Photo: CBS.)

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