‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’: Winners and losers from episode 5

Taylor -

We’re a day later than usual in chronicling our “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” winners and losers, but we’re happy to now chime in with some of our two cents from what was absolutely an eventful episode on Wednesday and then some. Sure, you can easily argue that the boot of CeCe was predictable, and we wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way. For us, we’re just happy that there was a nice bit of character-building. CeCe wasn’t going to win the game based on the edit, so it doesn’t pain us terribly to see her taken off the board now.

With that, let’s get now into discussing who’s in a better spot coming out of episode 5, and who probably needs to either start digging for an immunity idol (if they’re on the right beach) or playing the game hard.

Winner (Vanua Tribe) – Zeke Smith. Why Zeke over Chris Hammons here? To us, much of it really just boils down to one thing more so than anything else: Zeke has someone to hide behind in the game for a while longer. While Chris is going to remain a threat, Zeke has friends and a human shield. That means a lot.

Loser (Vanua Tribe) – Michelle Schubert. The great news is that she’s still in the game. The bad news is that she’s in serious danger of getting voted out next because David would probably play the hidden immunity idol on himself if they go to tribal council again.

Winner (Takali Tribe) – Adam Klein. Two episodes ago, he was maybe in eighth place on a nine-person tribe. Now, he’s the valuable swing vote on a five-person tribe and he has an immunity idol to boot. Everything about this is working out great.

Loser (Takali Tribe) – Taylor Lee Stocker. Maybe he and Figgy would’ve been better served to be on different tribes, even if Taylor doesn’t want to think about that from a showmance angle. If they were split up, the showmance wouldn’t be in front of everyone’s face. Based on the preview for next week, it’s pretty clear that the time of “hiding our love” is going to officially be at an end. Sorry, those of you who wanted to see this play out longer!

Winner (Ikabula Tribe) – Jay Starrett. He may be a little bit of a frontrunner, but he’s essential to this team’s success physically and he also seemed to be an expert at putting together the shelter. He’s really done a lot to prove himself valuable. We’d probably have Michaela here were she not so upset about the switch.

Loser (Ikabula Tribe) – Bret or Sunday, take your pick. Neither person made a huge effort to show that they were capable of moving up the ladder, and with the way this group is currently configured, it feels easy to think that one of them are going home.

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