‘Blue Bloods’ season 7, episode 6 preview: What’s coming up in ‘Whistleblowers’

Blue Bloods season 7Where are we going moving into next week’s new episode of “Blue Bloods”? We’ve got an installment coming entitled “Whistleblowers,” and on the surface, we do have to admit that this is far from being the flashiest episode that we’ve ever seen.

It may not be the sort of story that yields well to being described in a synopsis, mostly because the stories being focused on here aren’t exactly innovative for the show. Then again, isn’t that sort of a general statement about the show? Part of its strength is that it does know what sort of show that it is, and doesn’t really try to stray from that. It’s one of the many reasons it’s fanbase is as strong as it is – consistency. You know what to expect from this show and they always deliver.

Synopsis – “As Frank contends with a whistleblower within the NYPD who claims to have evidence of abuse of power in the organization, Danny and Baez investigate the case of a woman who was struck by a car under suspicious circumstances.”

To us, the Frank storyline is clearly the most high-stakes one in the episode, given that any shred of evidence of abuse of power could come back on him. Typically, we tend to enjoy Frank stories the most, so any time there’s more Tom Selleck in the spotlight the better.

Promo – This kind of episode is where seeing a preview really is an asset in telling you what you can expect. Through this, we got a little bit more of a sense as to how seriously Danny will take his investigation. Specifically, he’s going to turn aggressive and even threatening at times. This may be the most turned-up we’ve seen him for a case ever since the Thomas Wilder shooting near the end of last season. (Unfortunately, there is no promo available to share as of this writing — we’re just offering up impressions.)

Photo: CBS

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