‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 6 video: Romance reveals and the latest injury

Hannah -

Given the role of medical on the past couple of seasons of “Survivor,” we certainly think that we’re at a tipping point when it comes to their presence on the show. We used to feel like they probably came out often and we just didn’t see it; in the wake of what happened during “Kaoh Rong,” we wonder if we’re starting to see them on TV more and more.

Earlier this season, we saw the arrival of medical to try and assist Paul after what looked at first like a possible heart attack. (It turned out instead to be dehydration.) This time around, they are attending to Hannah. You can tell in the latest preview video below that she’s very concerned over her condition, but we don’t quite think that this is anywhere near as bad as it seems. This is probably just one of those occasions where things look scary but with some mastery, the medical team manages to patch things up. As we’ve said previously, we don’t think CBS would be showing us this so obviously in the event that something game-altering was going on.

There are two other highlights of this promo worth mentioning, as well.

1. Love is STILL in the air with Taylor and Figgy, and we don’t see that train slowing down anytime soon unless one of them is voted out. They are an obvious target, and Adam could swing over against them on this tribe.

2. Hannah could be injured at a blindfold challenge, otherwise known as a least-favorite challenge of ours. To us, watching people get hurt isn’t fun TV.

If you didn’t see it, head over here to check out our recent exit interview with CeCe! We’re going to be back over the weekend with winners / losers, contestant rankings, and a wide array of other assorted news items when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)


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