‘Westworld’ season 1, episode 5 review: William finds his inner villain


Last time on “Westworld” we had a pretty grim message – nothing matters. This was the sentiment spoken by Maeve after she figured out that she wasn’t crazy with these bizarre thoughts she was having, but that none of it mattered because there she was just living out her life same as always. Just the same, she wants answers and tonight we saw her get her chance to ask one of the scientists her questions.

Dolores and William may not want to be part of Logan’s naughty adventure, but they are being dragged along for the ride. They arrive in a new town, a place where every deviant AI lives and where they are going to return their captive bad guy (Slim) to the leader of a gang… and this leader is Lawrence. Logan tells Lawrence that in return for bringing back Slim, he wants to be introduced to his group of mercenaries. Lawrence tells them that if they do one more favor for him, then he will do the introductions.

While they are on the mission, William is forced to kill some men (including an unarmed man) and it was a little disturbing just how easy it was for him to take everyone out. Are we seeing that he has a bit of a dark side that enjoys killing?

After returning to Lawrence, he keeps his promise and Logan gets to meet the mercenaries, but William doesn’t want to go any further down the hole. Unfortunately, Lawrence double crosses them and Dolores finds out, so she grabs William and they run (but not before sharing a kiss!) – Logan is not so lucky. When Logan begs William for help, he says no and leaves him there to be tortured… seems William is finding his inner villain. Are these online conspiracy theories about William and the Man in Black being the same person turning out to be true?

Speaking of the Man in Black, he has Teddy traveling with him now, but has decided that he has no further use for Lawrence, so he kills him and uses the blood to help Teddy survive after losing so much himself. The Man in Black motivates Teddy to help him find Wyatt by saying that he has Dolores.

Dolores has a much bigger role in Westworld then anyone might have originally thought. We learned tonight that Arnold created Dolores and that he made her in order to destroy Westworld. Ford tries to see if she has still been in contact with Arnold in her head, and she tells him no, but really she has been. No only that but we saw Dolores kill more AI’s in the park that were threatening to kill her. She is changing from the damsel in distress into the hero of her own life.

What we like about this show is that people are forever changing, it’s not just the AI’s discovering things about themselves in and out of “Westworld”. Tonight we saw William learning that while he wants to be the hero, there’s a bad side to him as well… but aren’t we all made up of good and bad intentions to some degree? Is anyone really all bad or all good? Episode grade: B

We have reached the halfway point of season 1 of “Westworld” – what do you want to see happen in the second half? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. If you want more scoop on “Westworld” then head on over to the link here. (Photo: HBO)

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