‘Supergirl’ season 2, episode 3 review: Lynda Carter dazzles as POTUS

supergirl lynda carterLast time on “Supergirl” we saw this mystery alien wake up and he was pretty aggressive as he grabbed Kara by the throat. Is he going to be a problem or is he just scared and doesn’t know if Kara is a friend or a foe?

Supergirl is meeting the President of the United States (being played by Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter), but there’s an attack on her from the escaped alien that attacked Kara in the last episode… luckily Supergirl is there to save the day, even though we later learned that the POTUS is an alien too! Is it too much to dream that she’s actually Wonder Woman?

What does this alien want? He’s contacted a planet called Daxam and Kara is immediately alarmed. Why? Kara says that Daxam was a planet that shared the same sun as Krypton and that they were at war. Daxam was a monarchy that ruled with an iron fist while Krypton was a democracy. Kara tries to get answers from him, but since he feels that she’s already prejudged him he’s not really interested in talking to her, saying that he sent a distress single home and wasn’t here to kill anyone. She later realizes she was wrong for prejudging this alien and she apologizes to him (and learns his name is Mon-El) and reveals that his planet is gone along with Krypton.

So who is trying to kill the POTUS? It’s another alien that isn’t impressed with the President’s initiative to pass an alien act that helps to give aliens the same rights as humans. This alien feels that the alien act is just a way to have alien registration and she’s not having it.

We also saw Kara the reporter gets her first interview and it’s with Lena Luther. Lena’s company has created a device that will help people detect who is alien or not. The report she gives to her boss he isn’t impressed with because its super bias.

The story of the POTUS trying to work on immigration and equal rights for aliens is a hot topic right now with the real life elections happening and it’s nice to see a show like “Supergirl” being so current. It makes sense since there’s a heavy news element to this show (even more so now that Kara is a reporter). Also, we are excited to see that Martian Manhunter has a story of his own coming up!  Episode grade: B+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Supergirl” and did you enjoy Lynda Carter’s guest spot? Leave us a comment in the box below. If you want more scoop on “Supergirl” then head on over to the link here and let us be your guide. (Photo: CW)

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