‘Shark Tank’ preview: SiliDog, Sandilake Clothing, Parker’s Real Maple, and Safe Grabs

Shark Tank -There’s another new episode of “Shark Tank” coming on ABC tonight, and this one absolutely seems like it’ll be a fun one! After all, you’ve got a wide array of different products that will be highlighted over the course of the hour, whether it be a line of maple syrup products, a clothing brand, a potentially valuable item for your kitchen, or an updated dog tag. All of these have potential; they may not be for every consumer, but what product is?

Below, you can get a quick sense of what we think about all of the products featured tonight. If you want more information, be sure to click on the individual links!

Update Segment – Instead of updating your on a previous product, tonight the show is going to give you more backstory into Kevin O’Leary’s life before he found success. This is something we’ll be seeing multiple times this season.

Parker’s Real Maple – We’ve spent several years of our life in Canada, and therefore understand the value of real maple syrup as opposed to the fake stuff. We realize that one is significantly better than the other, and in perusing what Parker (still a teenager) is selling online, no doubt the maple butter is incredibly tasty. His challenge is simply going to be convincing people to spend a great deal more money for his product, which always is the issue with maple syrup products. It’s tastier, but you pay for it.

SiliDog – Really interesting idea here. These are noise-free, silicon dog tags that give you more creativity in terms of engraving options are aren’t going to fade over the course of a few months. The price at around $20 including shipping’s not bad, and the company also gives back to charity, something that many “Shark Tank” companies have highlighted during their proposals, as well. The main issue we see here is simply getting the word out beyond this show. If they could get into more pet stores this would be an easy purchase, but the upfront cost of that is probably so much that a Shark would need to be involved.

Sandilake Clothing – Clothing companies are a tough sell on this show because there’s nothing altogether original about them, and you really have to sell based on brand. The good news is that there seems to already be a vision behind the line and what it should look like. They’re designed for kids and adults, and many of the shirts / hats / accessories have cool, fun, and edgy designs to them. The prices aren’t terrible, and we kind of like that a part of the logo reminds us of the Triforce from “The Legend of Zelda.”

Safe Grabs – Finally, we turn to what is basically a multi-purpose silicon disk used to make grabbing hot food, protecting your microwave from messes, and even serving as a temporary food cover. It’s one of those perfect products for infomercials (hello, Lori Greiner!) and with a good demonstration, it can probably be sold as a must-have for any kitchen. Personally, we don’t need it given that we don’t even own a microwave, and at the same time we like using oven mitts.

For some other highlights from “Shark Tank” this season, be sure to head over to the link here right now! (Photo: ABC.)

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