‘The Blacklist’ season 4, episode 6 preview: Will James Spader’s Red, Megan Boone’s Liz make a move on Kirk?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe’re now five episodes into this season of “The Blacklist,” and there is one thing in particular that surprises us: We’re still getting a chance to see more of Alexander Kirk. We always have a feeling that these “cliffhanger villains,” as we like to call them, are going to fall by the wayside relatively quickly.

Moving into next week’s new episode entitled “The Thrushes,” it certainly seems like a lot of interest is going to come specifically out of a particularly group of powerful hackers. Yes, this does make us think a little bit of “Mr. Robot,” but almost everything that has to do with hackers these days does. This group will potentially be a launching pad to what Red and Liz are attempting in this hour, which could be a chance for them to make another step forward towards their endgame.

Synopsis – “When Alexander Kirk contracts with a mysterious group that specializes in hacking the world’s most secure computer systems, Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) see an opportunity to make a move on Kirk’s organization.”

As per usual, not a lot here — “The Blacklist” over time has become more and more mysterious with their synopses.

Promo – This is where things get crazy. Red claims that he hasn’t lied yet to Liz when it comes to Kirk, and that the DNA test is not necessarily proof of anything. According to Ominous NBC Promo Guy, this is where we could see Liz finally make a choice between Kirk or Red, and that will define arguably the rest of the season. Heck, it could change her life if she picks the wrong person and allows someone with the true information to either die or depart.

(Photo: NBC.)

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