‘Shiptober: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 and a (possible) Andrew – Jo – Alex twist

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Mrs. Carter: Could there actually be something between Jo and Andrew on “Grey’s Anatomy“?

If you were to ask us about this at the start of the season, we probably would have rolled our eyes at you in response. After all, there was no reason to think that something like this was about to happen. Andrew was just trying to help her at the time Alex barged in during the end of last season, but his actions (coupled with Jo’s own abusive past) led to her wanting to create as much distance as possible between the two parties.

During tonight’s new episode, we saw a moment between Jo and Andrew that made us wonder if it was really possible that something could actually form there. They can have a good rapport, and she may see him as the anti-Alex right now, which could be appealing. Also, this would be the sort of crazy twist that is “Grey’s Anatomy” to a T. Basically, it’s a love triangle that didn’t exist at the point of impact becoming a love triangle down the line.

For now, we do want to remain hopeful that Alex and Jo will be able to figure all of this out and find their way back to each other, but it’s going to take a lot of work. He’s going to have to find more ways to take care of his anger, and not let his past demons could back to haunt him in any way. That’s often so much easier said than done. The longer that he doesn’t change, and the more likely Jo could be to consider other options, whether it be DeLuca or someone else. She also is going to have to face her own past further at some point, and she could use help from an ally, whether it be romantic or platonic, in order to make that happen.

One way or the other, we certainly don’t see this storyline with these three characters ending anytime soon.

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