‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 5 review: Is Amelia pregnant, and did she tell Owen?

Amelia and Owen -From the moment that “Grey’s Anatomy” released a promo for Thursday night’s new episode last week, there were many questions out there regarding Amelia and Owen’s future. Was she actually pregnant? Given that Caterina Scorsone is pregnant in real life, it made sense for creator Shonda Rhimes to contemplate writing this into the show.

Yet, we imagine the thought had to cross her mind to use this to create the ultimate misdirection, and have everyone think that Amelia could be having a child. So when Amelia turned up around the hospital and told Meredith she was expecting without having taken a pregnancy test, this is where we thought this was going. It was fairly lighthearted as far as a “Grey’s” storyline goes at this point, and stayed that way until we started to understand why she was so hesitant to tell Owen the news: She was still carrying with her the weight of what happened the last time she was pregnant.

While Owen was unaware of what Amelia was going through, he engaged in an adventure in babysitting of his own, reminding us that 1) he really wants kids and 2) he looks adorable with a baby. This also led to a really nice bonding moment between him and Riggs, who at one point were great friends prior to what happened to Owen’s sister. Eventually, Amelia did tell Owen that she could be pregnant, and in a nice gesture, she was ready to take the test to see with him. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and this was all misdirect for now — luckily, it was still done beautifully.

The biggest weakness for Thursday’s episode was that other than a liver-transplant storyline (one that eventually ended in success) and a failure by Edwards to come up with a joke on time, there wasn’t that much for the show to give us in the way of subplots. April was eager to return to work, and Riggs made it clear to Meredith that he wasn’t done pursuing her just yet.

Let’s go ahead and give you one other interesting thought: Could Jo and Andrew get together now, after Alex thought mistakenly that they were hooking up? This would certainly be one of the cruelest twists of fate out there, but it’s possible.

Grade: B. While the Amelia storyline was beyond captivating and anchored by a wonderful performance from Scorsone, we wish the medical cases were a little minimized. We get so much of that elsewhere that “Grey’s Anatomy” to us is largely about the characters.

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