‘The X Factor’ UK: Honey G booking creates controversy over nothing

X factor -

We all know that the British press likes to sometimes stir up drama for no reason whatsoever, and they’ve certainly done it again now with some of the latest gossip regarding “The X Factor” and claims that the show is a “fix,” something that viewers probably just like to believe because it makes watching the show a little bit funnier.

Where this latest bit of gossip stems from is a listing from the Kittys & Kandy nightclub in Scotland, who have booked rapper Honey G for a performance on December 10, which just so happens to be the first night of the two-part final. This led people to think that it was already predetermined that the controversial performer would be good from the show by this. In response to all of this, there are a few essential things worth pointing out:

1. We don’t think it is all that crazy an assumption for someone, including Honey G, to make that she will be eliminated from the competition by this point.

2. It was only a few days before this people were claiming that the show was rigged for Honey G to make it to the final. It can’t be both, can it?

3. Ultimately, to us it feels obvious that this was a contingency gig, which we see for performers all of the time. In the event Honey G isn’t in the finale, wouldn’t she rather be performing somewhere over having to sit around and lament not being a part of the final? It seems like a much better deal to us, anyway.

Honey G will be performing in the diva-themed episode of “The X Factor” this weekend. If you are super-interested right now in figuring out where she stands in our power rankings, be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: ITV.)

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