‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ theory: What if there’s not a supernatural killer?

AHS -On Wednesday night’s “American Horror Story: Roanoke,” we were introduced to what certainly qualifies as a series of game-changers, beginning with the fact that we’re watching a show entitled “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell” that is more of the found-footage variety. How are we watching this? That’s something we’ll probably get into during a later article this week.

Based on what we saw last night, we saw the original actors from “My Roanoke Nightmare” placed inside of the original house alongside the real people who apparently went through it, just so that viewers could have some experiment television where they were exposed to some horrific scares under the Blood Moon. By the end of the episode, we apparently lost one character in Evan Peters’ Rory, and the chilling warning placed in the footage made it clear that more deaths are coming.

Now, the question that you have to wonder is this: Are we really watching the product of something terrifying and supernatural, or is this manipulated yet again? There are a few interesting theories to point out already.

1. This is all another trickĀ – Remember how “Fargo” claimed you were watching a true story? Just because we’re being told via found footage that everyone beyond one person dies doesn’t make it true. What better way for a producer of a show to generate interest than by promising death on the small screen? Maybe this is all a really elaborate plan on the plan of Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson), and he’s the one survivor — though we’re unsure if crew members are included in the survivor count.

2. These are vendetta killingsĀ – Obviously, Agnes could be an architect behind all of this due to her mental instability and connection she feels with the Butcher, and in between the restraining order and the recorded humiliation, she has a reason in her mind for revenge. Meanwhile, you have to assume that this is far from the first time Sidney has infuriated people from one of his televised products. Someone out there could want to get back at him.

Heck, maybe this is all a function of just some crazy fans. Since “My Roanoke Nightmare” was such a hit, couldn’t anyone unstable come up with a way to do this?

3. It’s truly supernaturalĀ – This is the most terrifying option, but we never think that anything on “American Horror Story” is all that straightforward. If this is the work of ghosts, there may be more to the story than we know.

What’s your theory? Share below, and click here to preview what’s coming up on next week’s new episode. (Photo: FX.)

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