‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The new Head of Household; Paul Abrahamian’s return


Paul -We had a feeling that the Head of Household Competition on “Big Brother: Over the Top” was going to be interesting, mostly because with the house dynamics being what they were, the odds of there being some fireworks were pretty darn high.

So what happened tonight? First, we saw the grand return of Paul Abrahamian, who came in full of “friendship” and other catch-phrases while he wandered around with Pablo. We love Paul, and it was certainly clear now that he was emboldened in part because he knew how America felt about him this time around. There was a little bit of that uncertainty that was left out of the equation to a certain extent.

Now, there’s still plenty of uncertainty for the current players in terms of how America feels about them. For example, Kryssie thinks she is beloved, and she’s also got Head of Household now in order to back her up. Given how much she’s felt like she is above other people at times this season, this could be glorious entertainment. With that said, it’s also really bad for Alex, who is in major danger of going home this week given that she’s the likely target for eviction, provided of course that she doesn’t get America’s Care Package (which seems relatively likely at the moment). If not Alex, Scott could also be in danger.

We imagine that the next few days will make all of the plans for the week a little clearer, but there is probably reason to worry about people like Shelby or Morgan depending on the course of the next few days. It’s certainly possible that we could even see someone like Neeley in jeopardy depending on how the votes fall. Remember that if she stays on the block against two Ballsmashers or Scott, it’s possible that the three remaining people in that group plus America could control the vote.

For some other news right now when it comes to “Big Brother,” be sure to head over here. (Photo: CBS.)

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