‘Arrow’ season 5, episode 3 review: Felicity’s confession, Cody Rhodes, and much more

Cody -Wednesday night’s new episode of “Arrow” was much-anticipated for a number of different reasons, but at the top of them had to be the arrival of one Cody Rhodes as Derek Sampson, a powerful dealer who became even more dangerous thanks to an accident caused by Wild Dog and Artemis out in the field. There was a lot of action that came about as a result of that, and eventually a chance to actually see the entire new super-crew fight together. Maybe some of those costumes still need a little bit of work, but you have to think that this was exciting, right? It was one of many good confrontations and battles in what was a pretty action-packed episode.

Also, this was a big one when it comes to revelations, such as Felicity making it clear to Rory a.k.a. Ragman that she is responsible for the destruction of his home at Havenrock. He handled it about as well as someone like him could in this position, and this makes for a worthy cliffhanger. Of course, Felicity still has another dilemma, and that is whether or not she wants her personal and professional lives to cross paths.

The other big revelation tonight was the return of Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot, but it was not a return in the traditional sense. Instead, he came to Diggle via dream sequence while he spends his time separated from the group. He’s in military prison (this is clearly not working for him), and we’re going to see his wife do everything that she can in order to bust him out!

Flashbacks – Hey, it’s reasonably entertaining. We can’t say that we are really invested in it for the time being, but it’s far and away better than what we had last season

Grade: B+. While Rhodes’ appearance was a bit of fan service primarily to Stephen Amell fans, it worked. This was entertaining, and while we understand the argument that the show needs to move things along with Prometheus, we’re okay when the diversions for the time being.

Next week – Want to get a preview for what is coming up next? Then be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: The CW.)

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