‘Shiptober: Could ‘Call the Midwife’ season 6 bring happy times for Patsy, Delia?

Patsy and Delia -

Mrs. Carter: Is there a change for long-term happiness for one “Call the Midwife” pair?

It was one year ago when many viewers were initially panicking over the thought of losing Delia from the BBC / PBS series. The character and Patsy had one of the most powerful love stories, one that withstood social conventions and was based entirely out of love. Also, there was the fear that this would add even further to the trend of lesbian characters being killed off of scripted hit series. Luckily, that didn’t happen, and over the course of season 5 the two found more of a community for them to be a part of, even if it was one still relatively separate from their ordinary world.

Will the two continue to stay together moving into the sixth season? We obviously hope so, mostly because they’ve been through so much already and that should be a sign that they can take on almost anything. We don’t presume that it will get much easier for them, though at the same time we are seeing a Poplar that is becoming a little less conservative. With perspectives on contraceptives changing, maybe in time same-sex relationships will also been with a little more open-mindedness. Unfortunately for the two of them, we don’t think there’s a situation coming where everyone at Nonnatus specifically treats them without some sort of undeserved disdain.

Therefore, moving into the sixth season we just hope that the two continue to find more places they can call their own, where they can celebrate their love, and where they at least feel like they can have the acceptance they want and need. We do think that there are some characters in the show they could even confide in more, since we certainly know that there are characters here without prejudice in their hearts.

Typically we like to end these ‘Shiptober articles with questions regarding whether or not you are rooting for said TV couple, but there’s really no point here given that everyone is likely rooting for these two to figure this out and have a long, happy life together. The challenge they face is more the circumstances around them, as they’ve shown to constantly be in each other’s corner.

If you find yourself interested in further news on “Call the Midwife” as we await the start of season 6, head over here! (Photo: BBC.)

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