‘The X Factor’ UK: How far could Honey G go?

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Through several weeks of “The X Factor” now, Honey G is really the act everyone’s talking about — for better or for worse. She’s getting the lion’s share of the publicity, her performance are being frequently-viewed (even if they are disliked), and she is getting the attention of the paparazzi virtually anytime she goes out and does anything.

Now that we’ve said all of this, the question you must really ponder is as follows: How far can someone like her make it this season? Could she (gasp) really make it as far as the final, which she rapped about on this past weekend’s show? The answer to that is almost unequivocally no. The only way Honey makes it that far is if there is some sort of movement started similar to “vote for the worst” in America, where there are suddenly an enormous amount of people out there who are voting for Honey G just because they find it to be funny or dislike the show so much that they want to see it burn.

With that being said, it’s also possible Honey lasts a few more weeks, as well. Think about performers this season like a Saara Aalto or a Ryan Lawrie, who aren’t necessarily getting much in the way of publicity. It’s certainly possible that these people go home before someone who is dominating the press. Remember the old phrase “any publicity is good publicity”? It definitely can apply to a show like this, given that Honey G is completely memorable. Most of the people claiming that the show is rigged are speaking like crazy people, given that there’s almost no tangible evidence of that from our vantage point; instead, it’s mostly just people who are bummed that someone like Honey G is making it so far when we easily see why it’s happening.

Now, if Honey G is in the bottom two and the judges save her, then we’ll see more of where the talk is coming from.

As for how far she could make it this season, we want to get your thoughts on that below! For us, her ceiling is firmly around top 7 or maybe top 6, similar to a Stevi Ritchie or a Rylan Clark during their runs.

If you are interested in getting some additional news regarding “The X Factor” and Honey G’s future with the series, be sure to head over here without delay! (Photo: ITV.)


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