‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 4 sneak peek: Into the head of Jamie Dornan’s Paul Spector

The Fall -In just over 24 hours from today, the latest episode of “The Fall” will be at your (metaphorical) door over on BBC Two, provided of course you are located in Britain. We’ve only got three installments left this season, so as a result of that, you’re going to have a chance to see the story likely escalate the rest of the way.

Will Paul Spector spend the rest of his life behind bars? We’re well aware of how this, for the most part, is the central question surrounding where we are at this point in the series. While Stella Gibson wants to ensure that this happens, there is also the possibility that he could be labeled criminally-insane. She has to figure out a way to prove otherwise. This sneak peek below is all about her and Dr. Lawson doing what they can to try and explain the psychology behind some of Spector’s actions, and attempt to have him in the place that they want. As with just about everything else with this show, there are probably going to be some significant challenges, and this will end up being far more difficult than almost anyone thought. Then again, we do like to think of this as a significant part of the fun!

Even if you’re not into the psychological discussions that are front and center in this sneak peek, we figure that you’ll still be interested in watching this just for Jamie Dornan in the shower. You’re welcome, internet.

Hopefully, the end of this episode will either give us a further determination regarding the mental state of Spector, or put us in more of an action-oriented situation where Gibson and company are forced to take him down. We’ve been on such a slow burn most of the season to date, and we have to imagine there is an escalation coming eventually.

For some other important scheduling news regarding “The Fall,” be sure to head over here. (Photo: BBC Two.)

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