‘Arrow’ season 5 theory: Could Prometheus be result of Flashpoint?

Prometheus -

Flashpoint is almost everywhere on “The Flash” right now, and with Dr. Alchemy, we have a Big Bad who appears to be a function of Barry going back in time to save his mother. We don’t know who he is (though we’ve discussed it aplenty), but given Barry’s actions, it is certainly possible that it is someone who we’ve met previously and was incapable of being Alchemy before he made his move.

As for “Arrow,” we’ve got a similar sort of mystery-villain thing going on at present with Prometheus. Like Oliver Queen, he’s an archer, and he also seems to be following a particular code. His primary motive for his actions seems to be making Oliver suffer at all costs. He refused to kill Tobias Church when he had a golden opportunity to do so; instead, he merely warned him that he should be the one to kill Oliver. He’s shrouded in mystery, he’s dangerous, and of course he’s disguising his voice.

Given that we’ve never heard this character or seen him mentioned before this season premiere, we do have to raise the question: Is Prometheus yet another character born out of Flashpoint? Is it possible that we’re getting this from an “Arrow” Big Bad? Barry’s actions already impacted this world in one way, given that Diggle and Lyla now have a daughter instead of a son. Having Prometheus be a function of Barry going back in time means that this character could be anyone from the past few seasons who he’s wronged, whether it be a villain-of-the-week or some sort of Flashpoint version of a League of Assassins member or The Count. Or, maybe someone once on his side has been transformed; what if it was Tommy Merlyn under that hood? How crazy would that be.

We concede that all of this is unlikely, mostly because we imagine that “Arrow” wants to keep most of its own Flashpoint connections to a relative minimum. There is no need ultimately to flood them over onto this show when there’s plenty of great mythology to explore on its own. Prometheus is mostly likely someone we’re going to get to know further from the Russia flashbacks who carried a grudge for Oliver through to the present, and is now trying to act out on it.

Still, the question still is worth asking. Are we looking at a Flashpoint creation, and would that be interesting to you? Share your thoughts in the comments / poll below. (Photo: The CW.)


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