‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 4 review: Sebastian kidnapped to help prison break

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On “NCIS: New Orleans” the unpredictable happened on Tuesday night when Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund was kidnapped. After being introduced to his mom Sylvia Lund, played by Wendie Malick, the viewers were shocked to see him be tackled in an alley, tasered and driven away in a van.

Investigating Sebastian and his friend, the criminals forced the scientist to use his gaming skills to create a prison-break scenario for an international killer. Agent Pride’s team definitely had suspects in the crime and even heard from Sebastian briefly. However, the scientist begged the team to hold off from saving him until he was sure he could do as needed to avoid Sebastian’s family and friends from being hurt. His primary goal was breaking out a dangerous killer known as “The Butcher”.

The twist of the episode had fans cheering on Sebastian, who is often underrated for what he does, stayed in control of the situation. Using his knowledge of the digital world, he was able to lead the team to the plan and his location. And even after the jail-break and first attempt to rescue fails, it was Sebastian who took a big risk by sticking close to the fugitives and kept the team in the loop.

In the end, it was Sebastian’s great virtual gaming skills that attracted the criminals to him and it was those same skills that saved him too. Knowing more than the criminals about the digital world, he as able to outmaneuver them by being a single step ahead. Fans were on the edge of their seats as he orchestrated a jail break from a federal prison, crawled through a small drain pipe, blew up a truck, and knocked out a scary dude with a big stick. This extremely exciting adventure had Sebastian out of the lab and kicking butt more than all of last season. It was easy to love every minute of it.

Giving the fans insight into his background and his mother, Sebastian apparently has more than just a scientific and digital background. Viewers saw a tough character that would do as needed to take down criminals.

We enjoyed the episode and found the focus of this week’s character focus on “NCIS: New Orleans” quite charming. Infusing the crime action with one of Agent Pride’s beloved team members was a different story turn that left everyone watching feeling very satisfied. Episode grade: A-.

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