‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 5 review: Agent Quinn revisits her past; team solves Philly petty officer murder

Duane -Fans of “NCIS” saw a murder during the first 90 seconds of the program on Tuesday night. A petty officer was murdered in Philadelphia after he made the mistake of assuming a running car waiting in the alley was his Uber car and driver. Agent Quinn and Agent Bishop are sent to Pennsylvania to work with MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves to solve the murder and find a missing MI6 agent. Unfortunately, for Agent Torres the decision for him to stay back at the office is frustrating and causes issues.

Working the case, the team finds that the petty officer is collateral damage for a bigger crime of weapon smuggling. The missing agent is found, but the weapons he chased across the pond are missing. Wearing masks, his captors were unknown; however, Agent Torres brought several leads to the team on who might have stolen the arms after a crazy table dance.

The twist of this episode truly had fans on the edge of their seats. Based on a single photo, Agent Torres discovered that the missing MI6 agent that was allegedly missing and held as a hostage was in on the entire weapons scheme. The agent apparently wasn’t tied up for days like he originally suggested, but was actually drinking coffee with the other criminals. How was this figured out? There was no bathroom in the building, a bucket found by the agent or any other bin for him to use to relieve himself.

When Agent Gibbs gets to Philadelphia, the case seems to quickly come together as Officer Reeves and Agent Bishop track down and arrests the lying agent while Gibbs and Quinn grab the weapons and arrest the other two criminals.

In the process of working on the case, Agent Quinn painfully reveals why she left working on cases previously to be a training officer. The viewers watched as she recounted the NCIS case that made her leave field work and Philadelphia to avoid her memories. Playing the night over and over in her head, Quinn still hasn’t forgiven herself for what went down during a terrible tragedy waiting for two suspects. She tells Agent Gibbs her partner was killed in front of her.  Unfortunately for Quinn, her guilt hasn’t passed as fast as time has because she still feels responsible. Admitting she was distracted as she was on the phone fighting with her boyfriend, she didn’t see the gunman until her partner was shot.

“NCIS” fans were definitely engaged with the episode as the team went to Philly to solve the murder. This week, like episodes in the past, was extremely fun to watch as the twists of the story were unexpected and enticing. “NCIS” once again offered a solid hour of crime drama that was good enough to watch twice! Episode Grade: A-.

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