MTV’s ‘Scream’ Halloween special: Who died? About that Brandon James surprise

Scream -It really shouldn’t come as much of a great shock that “Scream” packed a lot of drama into its two-hour run time for its Halloween Special; what should be more of a surprise is how quickly the show took to removing one of its latest killers from the equation.

Before you even got a good 15 minutes or so into this episode, you were saying goodbye to a guy in Kieran who was the ruthless killer at the heart of season 2. Following that, we learned the identity of another killer in Alex, and then the biggest surprise of all: The return of Brandon James. Of course this moment came following Emma nearly losing her life (again) in a confrontation at Shallow Grove Island, the setting for most of this.

So while we’d consider this special to be for the most part interesting, there were two fundamental problems with it:

1. The killer being yet again an attractive young man not really suspected by many to be said killer. It felt like someone wanted to tell a semi-condensed version of what we saw during the second season and went ahead and ran with it.

2. The Brandon reveal being spoiled way ahead of time. It basically took all of the air out of the tires of the closing minutes, given that this could’ve been a much more effective reveal than it ended up being. We’re still excited for season 3 thanks to his return, provided of course that he ends up playing a big part in it.

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