‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 4, episode 4 review: Hellfire brings everyone together

SHIELD -Tonight, “Agents of SHIELD” brought us a lot of stuff. You had AIDA working to help heal Agent May, you had Simmons and Fitz engaging in a welcome round of house-hunting, and you had a little bit of assorted craziness that came from an epic car chase featuring Ghost Rider that reminded us as to why this character is a great addition.

To top everything off, let’s just say that we had one of the most epic battles to end all battles between Ghost Rider and Hellfire, which came about as a way for SHIELD to actually begin to have some cooperation with Robbie Reyes. They wanted to do away with his work with the Watchdogs, and having the Spirit of Vengeance take him on only seemed to be right. This alliance could also be an aid if it lasts, given that the Watchdog operation is far from over, we still have more rogue Inhumans, and there is that nasty issue still of that book out there.

When it comes to action alone, it’s easy to say that this was one of the better installments of the season. The show really brought a lot to the table from this vantage point, and there was also a lot of great entertainment to be had just watching Fitz and Simmons try to be normal. Even the timing of Hellfire’s appearance here worked really well. Here you had a character who hadn’t necessarily had a huge role in the series this season so far, but he perfectly fit in with everything else going on here.

Also, the funniest moment of the night to us was Simmons immediately recognizing that AIDA was an android upon meeting her, and her frustration that Fitz didn’t tell her this right away just so that they could have a little bit of fun discussing it together. This episode ultimately feels a little bit more like a means to an end than a shocking hour in its own right, but it was ultimately so entertaining that it’s hard to care that much. More Ghost Rider collaborating with someone, whether it be Daisy or a valuable SHIELD member! Episode Grade: B+.

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