‘Scream Queens’ season 2, episode 4 reaction: Who’s dead now?

Scream Queens -It’s really appropriate that Tuesday night’s new episode of “Scream Queens” was entitled “Halloween Blues,” given that for the most part, we were left with a serious case of the blues after watching the majority of this played out.

Why? This is how we’re going to feel after losing someone like Denise, and this is coming one week after losing someone else in Chad. Why in the world is “Scream Queens” doing this to us? Other than being incredibly cruel, maybe they are really trying to reinforce the idea now that nobody is safe in this story. Still, we’re going to miss Denise on another level. She was hilarious, her love for Chad was infectious, and we wanted to think she could move on from this and have a future.

Alas, that’s just not the case. Goodbye Denise.

Was there good news in this episode? Well, that really depends mostly on what you consider “good news.” For example, seeing Hester out of jail proved to be great entertainment, but at the same time we don’t think that any sane person would consider Hester wandering around with a Jason mask to be good news. Also, we’re not sure that Munsch should be allowed to make plans anymore, since the majority of them fall apart.

For the most part, we do think that “Scream Queens” season 2 is matching the humor, craziness, and surprise factor of the original. Plus, there were some really good one-liners in here about everything from “Batman v. Superman” to Ivana vs. Ivanka Trump; this show tends to be about as current as one can be that films a few weeks in advance.

For some other news on “Scream Queens,” be sure to head over here! You’ll have to wait for at least two weeks for the next installment to air. (Photo: Fox.)

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