‘Bull’ episode 4 review: Cows, Texas, and no pants

Bull -After the first three episodes of “Bull” season 1, there was one overarching critique we had of the show: Sameness. The first three installments felt roughly like the same thing over and over again, whether you are talking about the setting to the characters to even the final result. For the most part, this was a show that was rather predictable, even if it did have its fair share of fun moments.

For episode 4, thankfully the series changed things around and provided us with a story that was somewhat more personal, given that Jason Bull and the team traveled down to Callisto, Texas, a small town where Bull had experienced some failure in the past. He’d suffered the only trial loss of his career here, and he needs to now figure out precisely the right way to move forward.

Did he do that by and large on Tuesday night’s new episode? At one, it didn’t seem like it given that Bull found himself out at the firm with no pants and standing next to a milk cow. Things went a little bit better from there as he had to figure out a way to help a young woman fight a drug-patent lawsuit. We’re not going to pretend as thought patent law is particularly sexy, but there was something exciting about the strategy and the underdog stakes that Bull and company found themselves subjected to over the course of this case.

In addition to this particular setting, one of the other reasons why this episode stood out more so than many others as of late was the presence of one Jill Flint, who sported a Texas accent and brought some fun energy as Diana Lindsay, a powerful attorney in her own right with her own past with Michael Weatherly’s character. She went toe to toe with Bull for most of the trial before we reached an unexpected end as her client opted to drop the charges. They didn’t even get to the verdict! As for how he managed to figure this out, let’s just say some quick thinking and a rain stunt helped to pull this off.

Ultimately, Bull leaves Texas with a “win,” but one that didn’t necessarily qualify as a complete one given that he didn’t get that not-guilty verdict in the closing minutes. Bull also revealed that it was his previous loss in Callisto that helped him realize the attorney he was meant to be … that and more problems with losing his pants.

Grade: B. We do still wish that the show would find a few ways to get a little flashier, and also give us some more stories that carried over from week to week. As it is, “Bull” is a solid, serviceable procedural law series with good twists and guest stars. Flint helped to lead the way for this one.

If you do want to get some additional news in regards to “Bull” this season, be sure to head over to this link! (Photo: CBS.)

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