‘Shiptober: Should Happy, Toby get married on ‘Scorpion’ season 3?

ScorpionMrs. Carter: How do Happy and Toby move forward after last night’s “Scorpion” stunner?

There’s that old expression of “when it rains, it pours,” and we certainly saw that play out from the perspective of revelations on Monday night’s new episode of the CBS drama. As you can see in our full review here, the episode ended with Happy admitting that she had actually married Walter O’Brien years ago in what was effectively a green-card marriage. From there, the next shocker hit the airwaves as Happy revealed that she was pregnant, and would need to divorce Walter so that she could marry Toby.

Now that we’ve said all of this, the next question is simple: Will this moment happen this season? There’s obviously a case for having the ceremony sooner rather than later, just as you could say the same thing for holding off. In the latest chapter of our ‘Shiptober series, we want to do our part to analyze all sides.

The case for a wedding – For one, we gotta assume that Walter can get some other visa to be in the country at this point, especially when you consider for a minute how much work he’s done protecting America. Giving Happy and Toby the wedding they deserve could be ridiculously fun, especially in this world. Happy’s not the sort of person to be explicitly romantic, so think about the mileage you could get out of her planning a ceremony or writing vows.

Also, consider this: Why hold back with a show like this? We know that there is probably a certain temptation to not want to rush things too much in terms of storytelling when you’ve got a long series, but we’re never for waiting for the sake of waiting.

The case against it – Other than you simply not being a ‘shipper of the two, we suppose there are two different arguments to be made either: Either you don’t want to see Walter have to endure a series of complicated hoops to get to his citizenship, or you don’t want to see the two be married simply for the sake of having a child. They could always wait until after the child, and find a time to do it that is perfect for them romantically. If you feel like the show is giving you enough character story right now, maybe you do think the season 4 is a better time to have a wedding happen.

Where do you land on the subject of a Toby / Happy wedding on “Scorpion”? Vote in the poll below! We’ll have more ‘Shiptober articles throughout October, so stay tuned. (Photo: CBS.)

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