‘DWTS’ rain, ‘Shaq’d’ with Shaquille O’Neal, ‘Ellen’ staff heads to haunted house

Jana -Watching the water fall on “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday night had me a little nervous. Luckily the splashing was kept to a minimum and none of the audience got sprinkles. Still, it made me wonder. What would the producers think of next? Shaking while dancing (like an earthquake), wind (by bringing in dozens of fans) and the biggest possible element could be snow. As creative as the professional dancers are on the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few flakes would be falling before the end of the season.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Unaired Prank Show: ‘Shaq’d’

Shaquille O’Neal is awesome. And the fans love everything that he does. Which makes the understanding of his unaired prank show a little odd. As a guest on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” the popular athlete as part of a skit called “Shaq’d”. It was a hilarious look at how pranks go wrong when people recognize a celebrity. If you’re looking for a laugh today, check out the video clip.

‘Ellen Show’ producer books haunted house with Ariana Grande

Every year Andy Lassner, the producer of “The Ellen Show” gets an assignment from Ellen DeGeneres that appears to scare him good. This year is no exception. Looking to please the fans and make the most out of scary TV, Andy once again will be heading to a haunted house. However, this year there will be two haunted houses with Ariana Grande going on the second trip. Typically, the chance to see someone get scared is funny. For some reason, Andy is funnier than normal and in previous years he has actually hidden behind the people in his party. “The Ellen Show” is on weekdays; check your local listings.

Heather Dubrow reveals ‘RHOC’ reunion taping this week

This season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” has been pretty intense. While it’s great TV, there is so many fans wondering if this season will be the last for several cast members. Bickering, biting and shocking on so many levels, it’s been tough at times to watch. Before you start projecting what might be up for next season, watch the reunion to see what other juicy details might be shared. On “Watch What Happens Live” Heather Durow reveals the gloves might come off as the reunion show starts taping on Thursday. This Bravo series has really kicked up the drama this season!

And finally….”It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

The TV special “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is on ABC, Wednesday night. I only offer a reminder because it’s also a presidential debate night too. Being it is the 50th Anniversary of the TV special, it’s a great way to sit down with the family and enjoy an iconic TV show. Of course, I’m talking about Charlie Brown’s show. The debates have been completely unpredictable this year. (Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless.)

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