‘The Flash’ season 3: Could Earth-1 Caitlin Snow turn evil as Killer Frost?

Killer Frost -

Last week’s episode of “The Flash” ended with some notable cliffhangers, but given how we’re always going to be more partial to the ones related to long-running characters, the cliffhanger with Caitlin Snow is the one that caught our eye the most. After pretending to Barry Allen that she was just fine in the aftermath of Flashpoint, what she opted to not reveal to him was that she, as well, was experiencing some rather drastic changes. She had the abilities of Killer Frost, at least on a primitive level!

For Caitlin, this is a revelation. Presumably, it is not something she ever wanted, and her skill set to date has been suited for being at STAR Labs and helping The Flash and company from afar. However, here she possesses now a great ability to help in the field, provided a pair of things happen.

1. She learns how to use it properly – Given that we’re talking about special powers, this is still uncharted territory. How many people really know how to do that? It can’t be many…

2. She also is still playing for the good guys – This is the one we’re going to spend much of our time here discussing.

Any comic-book fan knows that Killer Frost is best known as a villain. While she’s not always evil in every incarnation, there is often that capacity. One of the more positive (if you want to call it that) depictions of the character is someone who must kill out of necessity, certainly not because it is something she wants to do. Could this be a possibility? Certainly so.

One thing we do know is that we want this version of Killer Frost, the one we wanted from the very beginning, to be powerful. We enjoyed how Danielle Panabaker played the Earth-2 version of the character, but at the same exact time she was rather easy to thwart. We wanted to see a more dangerous, threatening version of the role who could not be stopped under almost any normal circumstance. Even if this Killer Frost isn’t in super-villain territory, we want her be to be a superbly dangerous presence.

If this version of Killer Frost does turn evil, you bring to the table for future stories someone who has an organic history with the team and therefore is a far more personal adversary than any threat before, even Harrison Wells back on Earth-1. Even if she’s morally ambiguous, you’re dealing with someone that The Flash doesn’t want to harm. The one thing we’d be firmly surprised by is if they make this Killer Frost as pure as we often consider Caitlin Snow herself to be.

Tell us: How evil do you think Killer Frost is going to be on “The Flash” this season? Share below, and you can also head over here to watch a sneak peek for Tuesday night’s “Magenta.” (Photo: The CW.)


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