‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 3 sneak peek: Meet Magenta

Magenta -Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Flash” is entitled “Magenta,” and there is certainly a reason for that: The title character for this episode seems to be incredibly dangerous, and also one prone to some rather dramatic shifts in her personality.

Before we get to that, let’s backtrack a little to the start of the sneak peek below, which makes it rather clear that Julian Albert, while somewhat insufferable to Barry, is rather good at his job. He’s found a commonality to many of the husk-bodies he’s found, and he’s detected that a young woman brought into the Central City PD (played by Joey King) is one of them. He then challenges her repeatedly about it, which turns out to not be the greatest idea ever.

At first, Magenta seems to buckle after Julian presses her, but that changes once she starts to be riled up. It feels almost like this side of her comes out when she gets angry, so this character may be a little mixture of Magneto, the Hulk, and other assorted awesomeness thrown into one. She can also control and manipulate metal, which should prove troublesome for The Flash. Sure, the guy’s got experience fighting dozens of meta-humans so far, but one slip-up could still lead to some terrible things happening.

We can’t speak to the long-term future of the character, but here’s to hoping that she gets a chance to stick around in some capacity. We certainly know that some other interesting baddies are on the way, including Mirror Master and The Top in the coming weeks. That’s without even mentioning Dr. Alchemy, who is still out there and seems to be the source for much of the trouble unfolding at present in the city.

Want more news on this episode? Then be sure to head over here to check out another preview! We’ll be back come Tuesday night with a full review. (Photo: The CW.)


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