‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Veto Competition results (complete with Double Veto winners)

Jason -The Power of Veto Competition took place in the “Big Brother” house on Monday, and just as you would imagine, it was even more intense thanks to the Double Veto twist. Scott selected this as a result of his America’s Care Package, and this further allowed for the opportunity for someone on the block to save themselves.

With that being said, it would have really taken an odd combination of factors in order for the course of this week to change, and that didn’t happen in what was a competition hosted by Jason that was effectively a puzzle battle. At the end,¬†saw Justin and Alex end up emerging with necklaces at the end of the day, which means that the nominees theoretically could all stay on the block.

Would Justin use one? He talked about it before the competition, but this was a pretty dumb Veto for him to try to win because he’ll end up inevitably ticking someone off no matter what given that Kryssie, Neeley, and Danielle are all in his alliance. Alex, meanwhile, just won’t use it and it saves herself the trouble of making anyone mad.

At the end of the competition, the person who was clearly the angriest was Danielle, who was angry at Justin for not throwing it and took off to go sob in a nearby bed. He probably could have thrown it, but even if he did that there were also some problems that could have come out of this for him unless he was really subtle about it.

If the three nominees stay the same, Danielle’s almost surely heading home; if someone gets off the block that can be replaced, you’re likely looking at Shane.

We’ll potentially have another update later today at this link, depending on what happens with the competition.

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