‘Ink Master’ season 8, episode 9 sneak peek: The head tattoo challenge

Ink MasterThere are few tattoos that are challenging quite like ones on your head, and we also have to think that these are among the least-requested. There are plenty of jobs out there who don’t want you working with a head tattoo, so it takes a very specific sort of person to want to get this.

With this, we bring you below a preview for Tuesday’s “Ink Master” that is all about head tattoos. While there may still technically be teams, they no longer matter nearly as much given that everyone will be competing from here on out. There is no Flash Challenge, and there is no jury of your peers anymore. This is all about trying to impress the judges by creating the best head tattoos possible over the course of two days, and two incredibly-lengthy sessions.

There are a few pretty-clear challenges that all of the artists are going to be facing as they try to succeed in this challenge. First and foremost, they’ve got to figure out a way to make this easy on their human canvases. These tattoos are incredibly painful, and they cannot go completely crazy in terms of pressure; otherwise, they run the risk of their canvas quitting during the process and not wanting to come back for more.

The second challenge is merely one of  finding something that is interesting and creative to make these head tattoos interesting. You’ve got to show some element of artistry while also dealing with the fact that you are drawing at all sorts of weird angles. This is going to be tricky, and the last thing you want as an artist is to create something that someone will have to walk around wearing for the rest of their life for everyone to see.

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