‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 6 (finale) review: Is Paul Spector dead?

Fall -We are at the end of “The Fall” season 3 (went by fast, didn’t it?) and at the end of the last episode we saw that Paul was caught in his lies. He’s been claiming amnesia, but Stella caught him for a murder that was before the time he couldn’t remember and although he admitted this to his solicitors, will he admit it to Stella?

After speaking to Stella and Anderson, Paul readies to prepare a statement about his involvement in Susan’s death, but instead he goes crazy and punches Stella multiple times in the face, kicking her over and over. We feel that he remembers everything and this has been a huge charade so that he could find a moment to either escape or exact revenge on Stella. He didn’t try to escape, but he hurt Stella pretty badly, so he got some revenge.

As Paul is being brought back to his room at the psychiatric ward, he starts taking note of things he could use… but what is his plan? When the rest of Paul’s test results come in it’s clear that there’s no real problem and that he’s been faking his memory loss this whole time proving just what a dangerous person he really is.

The psychiatrist still believes that Paul may actually have amnesia and psychotic tendencies and feels that he’s treatable, but not necessarily curable. Later Paul asks a fellow patient for a favor and that favor is to create a diversion, so that he can get to a locker and steal his psychiatrist’s belt which he does after beating him nearly to death. After killing the patient that helped him, Paul hangs himself with a belt.

Stella wanted justice for the women who died by Paul’s hands by him serving life in prison, but he was able to escape that sentence by taking his own life and Stella is left feeling a loss for those women. The one win we did get out of this was seeing Rose reading to her daughter at the end of the episode. Seeing her try to get back to some kind of normalcy is a nice thing to see in a series this dark. Now the only question that remains is… with Paul dead will there be a season 4? Episode grade: A-

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