‘Timeless’ episode 3 video: Lucy meets Judith Campbell — more on the Rat Pack era

Timeless -On Monday night’s new episode of “Timeless,” we’re heading back to 1960’s Las Vegas for the episode entitled “Atomic City,” which is one that will feel both old and refreshingly new. At the center of the story, the mission is the same: Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are still trying to track down Garcia Flynn through history. They know a little bit more now than they did, but the circumstances surrounding his moves, including a motive, remain unclear.

These characters do have a history (pun intended) of running into important figures, and in the sneak peek below (via Entertainment Weekly), they’re specifically getting a chance to be on a collision course with one Judith Campbell. This is a woman who allegedly had romantic ties to Sam Giancana (noted Chicago gangster), John F. Kennedy, and even Ol’ Blue Eyes himself in Frank Sinatra. The sneak peek makes it clear just how bold and vivacious her personality is, and as executive producer Shawn Ryan tells the website, this is something they wanted in this story:

“People think history can be sort of dusty and boring, and one of our goals on this show has been to make history very alive and sexy and viscera … We just frankly started off with the idea of, ‘Can we do a real sexy episode in the past, and if so, what would that be?’ We started investigating the Rat Pack era of Las Vegas and who was hanging out then, and we came across the story of Judith Campbell, who was a very smart, beautiful young woman…. There’s a good argument to be made that if not for her, the connection between Kennedy and Giancana wouldn’t have been made, and Kennedy would not have won the election of 1960.”

We’re sure that this episode will have the prerequisite drama, intensity, and twists, but we’re glad to see that there’s an injection of humor and fun in here, as well. We’re in an era in which primetime television has become so serious, and there is something that can be gained from mixing things up slightly where you don’t have to be anywhere near as depressing.

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