Stephen Colbert’s live post-election special for Showtime confirmed

Showtime -It’s been rumored and discussed for many weeks now, but it is now finally official: Stephen Colbert is going to be spending Election Night next month with Showtime.

Today, the network confirmed that Colbert will host a November 8 live special entitled “Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh-t?” — basically, the perfect title for this insanity of an election. Per the official release, the host will “be able to do things he’s never been able to do in this campaign, such as directly quote a candidate without being bleeped.” It also claims the special “will feature the much beloved and totally irreverent Colbert reacting in real-time to the election results as the state by state returns come in, making it the perfect election night destination for people who want to see all the latest news, without actually having to watch the news.”

The Late Show” will not air on Election Night, and Colbert will film this special in front of a live audience in addition to there being some guest interviews. To us, we like this idea mostly because edgy Colbert is really the best Colbert, and he can play around a little bit more with opinions and political humor without having to appeal to a network TV audience.

Granted, we imagine that this show could have some pretty-dramatic turns depending on who ends up winning the election; still, this may be a palatable alternative for many of you as opposed to sitting around and watching CNN with their rotating panel of talking heads. Also, at a certain point we may just need to laugh at all of this.

What do you this: Is Colbert’s live special a preferable alternative to some of the coverage happening elsewhere? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the comments! (Photo: Showtime.)

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