‘Shameless’ season 7, episode 4 preview: Emmy Rossum’s Fiona and a crisis

Shameless -

Tonight, “Shameless” is bringing you a new episode that is introducing us to a wide array of crazy things — but at the center of this, one of the craziest things of all will be Frank deciding that he is going to make a group of homeless people his new family. It’s a completely ridiculous concept, but it really is vintage Frank: A guy willing to create a superficial solution to a problem that is really not going to help anyone at all. Instead, it’s basically the equivalent putting expired meat back in the fridge and thinking that it’ll taste okay the next day.

On next week’s new episode entitled “I Am a Storm,” we shall see some of this craziness continue from Frank. Meanwhile, we will see Fiona continue to what she can in order to improve the business at Patsy’s Pies.

Synopsis (via TV Guide) – “Frank worries that he and his new family will lose their Home for the Homeless shelter, so he plans a little goodwill for the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Fiona drums up business by throwing a speakeasy party at Patsy’s Pies.”

By the conclusion of this story, our hope is that we’ll see Frank hit some sort of tipping point with this nonsense, given that the guy has to realize eventually that it’s not going to work. This isn’t really giving us much on the Fiona front, but we do appreciate so far what the show is giving Emmy Rossum. It’s different enough from past seasons that it gives us hope things could turn around for her. We’re not sure we can say that about many other Gallagher family members.

Promo – Could Fiona actually be done taking care of the other Gallagher family members? That seems to be the implication here…

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