‘Hawaii Hive-0’ season 7, episode 5 video: ‘Man v. machine’

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There’s something about “Hawaii Five-0” episodes that make the unbelievable seem real, and that’s precisely what we have featured in the latest video preview below. It’s in some ways completely ridiculous, but in others ridiculously entertaining. Maybe that’s just a part of the fun with it!

This preview features Steve McGarrett in particular facing off into one of his most dangerous opponents yet: A “bulletproof bulldozer.” Basically, this is the sort of thing that you would never in your right mind want to face off against, but whenever there’s a will, there’s a way … and apparently Steve has figured out some sort of way to strike at this thing. We have no idea how in the world he’s going to be able to succeed with his efforts here, but it should prove entertaining.

There isn’t too much evidence out there as of yet regarding how this story ties into the remainder of this episode, but we¬†know that one of the main focuses of this particular installment is going to be what happens when a cache of guns ends up being stolen from a range. There are some gun protesters out there who could be out to create an extremely dangerous / perilous situation, and that is something Steve is going to have to contend with — to go along with the many other issues that could be at plea.

As we said at the start, this entire premise sounds a little over the top — especially in how CBS seems to be making it into a “man v. machine” sort of battle. Yet, that could be a part of the fun in the end.

If you missed it, there is one other really great thing about Friday night’s new episode: The return of Adam! He’s going to be finally released from prison, and the excitement that comes with that is seeing what happens with him and Kono as the two start to move forward in their lives.

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