‘Poldark’ season 2, episode 8 preview: Aidan Turner’s Ross faces more Demelza – Elizabeth trouble

Poldark -

For the title man of BBC’s “Poldark,” one thing remains clear: Life doesn’t ever seem to get easier. At the start of this season, Ross was preparing for trial, and eventually found a way to make it out of that with his life intact. Unfortunately, at that point he had to handle all of the drama with George and the debt. Thanks to Caroline, that was resolved in secret.

Unfortunately, there’s now the issue of the smuggling, another get-rich-or-at-least-get-stable scheme that has once again backfired. This time around, Ross isn’t the only person involved, as Dwight has a little bit to worry about as well. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? It’s possible, but it may be a small glimmer that is jeopardized by the presence of the aforementioned adversary of the series. We like to imagine he has a tendency to make steam come out of Ross’ ears in rather cartoonish fashion.

Synopsis – “Ross and Dwight stand trial for their part in the smuggling. A new tin lode gives Ross renewed hope in Wheal Grace, but it is George who is there for Elizabeth when her mother falls ill and deals Ross a bitter blow.”

The good news is that for those of you who love Aidan Turner’s performance on the show, at least you’re going to get a chance to see a wide range of emotions from him. Sadly, that may be the only good news since Ross is subject to a metaphorical avalanche in this hour.

Promo – This following tonight’s episode focused almost entirely on the relationship woes between Ross, Demelza, and Elizabeth, as he was in particular upset at learning of some of George’s pans for Francis’ widow. At a certain point, friction may become so terrible between he and his wife that he orders Demelza to “get out of his way.”

Tonight’s review – You’ll be able to check that out soon over at this link. (Photo: BBC.)

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