‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Welcome to Planet Petty!

Shelby -If you love your “Big Brother” super-petty and ridiculous, we’ve got a feeling that you LOVE this season so far. The entitlement of some of these people is crazy, and we kinda love that there are a few people in here who legitimately seem to hate each other.

Let’s start with Shelby for a minute. We’d absolutely hate to live with her, but as a viewer of the show she’s entertainment gold with her passive-aggressive behavior and at-times childish acts. Take, for example, her snatching blankets overnight as a Have-Not because Shane and Danielle have each other, and she doesn’t have anyone to keep her warm. The war between her and Danielle is ridiculous — it’s right up there with her vs. Jason with the Krackle bars. Add to this Danielle and Kryssie’s entitlement that America supposedly loves them and will nominate Shelby, and we’ve got a priceless situation given that Danielle’s about to go on the block for America’s nominee if most internet polls at the moment are accurate.

This morning, we’ve got more glorious pettiness from Danielle as she’s gone on and on about how nobody would want to date Shelby in the real world. Also, she made it clear that she wouldn’t take photos with a lot of people in the house if she was Head of Household and had the camera to use for photos with the other players.

We understand not wanting any of these petty people to win, but we’re not too worried about that given the odds of this happening are pretty much slim to none. Sure, Nicole was a tad petty at times this past season, but we found many of her strategic moves to be sound — it was just the way she went about them that was annoying at times. Given the structure of this season at present Jason and Justin are probably the best players, with the latter almost unintentionally great. Alex is doing well this week, mostly because she’s laying low while Shelby puts a target on herself.

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