‘The X Factor’ UK: Josh Brooks of Brooks Way issues full apology after leaving competition

Brooks -One week ago, Brooks Way was the talk of the town when it comes to “The X Factor,” but not necessarily for the reason anyone would ever want and hope for. The two boys instead were subject to a prompt removal from the show over some recent actions of band member Josh Brooks, who was accused of some violent actions from a past relationship. Josh said that eventually the truth would come out, and now it has — and it comes with an apology to go along with it.

In a new statement per The Sun, Josh opens up about some past mistakes that he made in a relationship, and admits that he did get “physical” to a certain degree, but not necessarily on the level that has been reported to date:

“My relationship with Amelia had become really volatile and toxic … We were arguing all the time. It wasn’t great — then things got physical. There was one situation that got really hostile.

Even though I didn’t ever hit her, it’s still not OK. I understand it is totally out of order and I’m really, really sorry that I didn’t walk away. I allowed things to get to that point and it’s not acceptable. From the bottom of my heart, I am really, really sorry.”

Hearing all of this does make it all the more clear that ITV made the right decision, depressing as it may be to the boys, to not allow these two to further participate in the live shows this year. The longer they lasted, and the longer this would have been a story. They wouldn’t be able to move forward, and the show would be subject to countless criticism. We’ve seen this sort of situation play out before, and have a pretty clear inclination as to how it works. Ultimately, the series may be best off simply doing their best to move forward, and now Brooks Way can do the same thing without the spotlight upon them. If they do ever become successful, they’d be far from the first act to do so despite some allegations from the past.

There is a new “X Factor” results show airing shortly; if you would like to preview that further, head over to this link. (Photo: ITV.)

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